Customer Service

I went into a gas station to purchase some water. I had my mask. I grabbed the water. I went to the marked line the took me up one isle and down another to get to the check out. There were four check out windows. Three had green signs that told me to go to one particular window. I stood in front of the window for at minimum four minutes and no one came to the window to help check me out.

I slide to the next window which was not covered in a glass sneeze shield and I poked my head in and said “HELLO?” A woman standing in front of the very first window, who had obviously been standing in front of the whole time, said to move to her window. I said there was a sign telling me to move past her and stand where I was standing. I said I’ve been there for four minutes and you had me just stand there? She said, “my window is open and you needed to come to it!” My head literally popped off.

She was on her phone and either didn’t see me or was happy to have me standing there waiting until I saw her.

Omg I’m so infuriated inside. I typically just handle these situations easily, but my thoughts are leading me to anger at some customer service. Help.