Cutting Out "Life Sugar"…

I just had an ah-ha moment. While I’ve cut out sugar (and flour) from my diet – and I’m on a protocol I like … I haven’t cut out “life sugar”.

Meaning — I fill up with lots of “empty life calories” that don’t really fulfill me. Lots of filler experiences that give a quick boost of dopamine – but don’t really contribute to a full, rich, meaningful life. In looking at what I do each day, I see lots of distractions… good-tasting, but really empty experiences… that I use to keep myself just a bit stuck. Secure, and stuck. Safe, and stuck. Un-heckled by the world, and stuck.

And I realized — It’s time to cut out ALL “sugar” from my life. Not just the heavily processed kind – but the little app video games and social media loops and family gossip and vapid TV shows and all of the little daily “sugar bursts” that are keeping me stuck. It’s time to go COMPLETELY “sugar free” – so I have the space to fit in the healthier, more fulfilling life I’ve been wanting to create.

Starting my “Life Sugar” fast… now! 🙂