Cyber Crime – Follow up.More help please.

Thank you so much for your response. So helpful. As I said in my previous question, my daughter and I are working thru this together. And still need some guidance putting it in the Model. I’m relatively new at this.
So far we have:
C – There are nude photos of me on websites more and more each day.
T – Upset, worried about my future in the industry, worried that is is going to cost my parents thousands of dollars to get them taken down, as I don’t have the money.
Angry at the people who hacked my computer.
F – Shame, disappointment, scared, upset
A – Stay in my room and ruminate and get more upset
R – Feel worse
Can you please help with the alternative model?
I have to wake up and go on the computer and look for new sites that have my pictures and tell the lawyers. It is going to be a long process and I need how to manage it ASAP
Thanks so much