Cyber Crime

Hello & Help,
My 27 year old daughters computer was hacked 2 years ago and just yesterday someone sent her a notification to say that there are nude photos of her on a website. They are not porn shots but still they are nudes. Whilst we are coming to terms with why she had them there in the first place we will address at some point. I think she has learned a very, very hard lesson. She is an actor with a profile, so her agents here and in the US are onto it, to get it down.
My challenge is helping her with the right words and thoughts to get thru it. I know the model will work, however, right now I am struggling to find the words. She knows I am in Scholars and wants me to help her.
Can you please give us some advice or help with a model? And if you could maybe let me know what videos of Brookes to watch?
Thank you so much and I must say Brookes Podcasts on the Virus are brilliant.
With kind and warm regards