The Dabbling Effect – Content overload

I know you say over and over to commit to one area within SCS and I TRY to do this, but I still find myself wanting to dabble in “everything.” My impossible goal is to double my income this year and work on my thoughts around money. I’m trying to stay committed to this and only this, BUT, for example, I regularly find myself doing drink plans in my head – though no other parts of SO Drinking. I don’t drink a lot but I do use it as a reward and have desires for it. So my thoughts are that I’d be better off (and more productive in achieving my goal) if I could overcome the urge for it. Likewise with eating – I’m not overweight, but I love food and look forward to “treats” even if they are healthy. So I have this nagging feeling that I need to address that and work on it – and I pick out bits and pieces to apply from Stop Overeating. The result is that I don’t really feel good about any of it. Any thoughts on how I stop this pattern? Other than you not offering so much good content 🙂