Dad diagnosed with cancer

My dad was diagnosed with leukemia 2 weeks ago. Doctor told us he could either start chemo treatment or wait until he shows more aggressive symptoms (and then eventually get chemo). He gave no explanation as to the cause of the cancer and said there’s nothing he could do to improve the situation other than the chemo treatment.

I wanted to thank you because I believe that what I have learned from you has helped me shift from feeling negative to feeling positive rather quickly.

I knew that if we believed that what the doctor said was true – that there’s nothing that can be done and that chemo is the only treatment option – then we would feel hopeless, disempowered, worried and scared, and our actions would provide evidence for the belief.

Models I’ve lived through during these past 2 weeks:

C Caner
T It’s big, scary, and life threatening
F fearful, worried
A Cried, imagined my dad going through chemo – weak, suffering, and without hair
R Continued to perceive cancer as big, scary and life threatening

C Cancer
T There are holistic ways to heal cancer
F optimistic
A did some research
R found Naturopathic MD Oncologist and made appointment, found books on holistic approaches to cancer and radical remission

C Cancer
T Cancer is not a disease, it’s a healing mechanism
F empowered, motivated
A read book on the topic
R shift in perspective – no longer see cancer as big and scary

I plan on teaching the model to my dad (and other supportive family members) as
I know mindset and emotional health is going to play a critical role.

Thought ladder I will help him through:

“Other people have achieved cancer remission using holistic approaches” – he already believes this, yay!
“I can achieve cancer remission”
“I will achieve cancer remission”