Dad is obsessed with sleep problems

For as long as I can remember (literally 30 years), my Dad has complained about his difficulty sleeping. He acts so miserable about it that I have always been afraid I am going to inherit his sleep problems. I am currently visiting my parents and it bothers me how much he talks about his sleep problems. I feel like he is obsessed with it, and in doing so making it into a bigger issue than it needs to be. I think part of why I am bothered by it is that it always brings back my fear that I might be like him some day. I get really angry at him and judge him about this, and then I feel bad that I’m not being a more supportive daughter.

I think there are several models at work:
C: Dad talked about his sleep problems
T: I hate how he obsessed with this sleep stuff
F: Angry
A: Resist, judge him
R: His sleep problems take a larger role in our relationship and MY brain than I want them too

C: Dad talked about his sleep problems
T: I don’t want to get his sleep problems and be miserable like he is
F: Afraid
A: Overfocus on my own sleep
R: I get sleep problems

C: Dad talked about his sleep problems
T: A good daughter would be more supportive
F: Guilty
A: Get angry at him instead of feeling the guilt
R: Relationship suffers

Can you help?!