Daily Brain Work

I am a scholar for three months and have several issues I am planning to work on through this program: weight loss and my business are the two main ones.
The more I understand the concepts of Brooke’s teaching through the different programs, the more I understand how it’s important for me to spend time daily at directing my brain to think the thoughts that will lead me to the actions I want to take.

My question is what does daily self-coaching and brain directing looks like or the one you recommend? Is it 10 minutes in the morning? Is it half an hour a day?

The reason I ask it at this point is because over the past three months I noticed that just doing the workbook in the morning is not enough time spent to direct my brain.
I can have the most beautiful lists of thoughts and I can read them in the morning and tell my brain: ‘See, this is what we will think about today.’
But this morning practice will not last the entire day.

Throughout the day I will over and over need to keep directing my brain and saying no to temptations of food and distractions and saying yes to my food plan and work schedule.

For example, I will write my food plan for the day and in the morning read it aloud, focus my brain and decide to only eat that.
And throughout the day my brain will offer me several times to go and get a snack, get something off my protocol, and I will have to manage those offers and remind my brain yet again that we stick to the food plan.

Or I will start working on my book chapter and then my brain will suggest that I will look something up online about Mick Jagger or the latest about this or that, and I will have to keep redirecting it to my book over and over.

So I find that throughout the day, almost all day, I have another part-time job of managing my brain.
It’s not ten minutes SCS workbook in the morning and I am good to go.
I wonder if it’s because I am not doing it right in the morning to begin with or is it supposed to be like that?

While I wouldn’t know for sure, I look around me and I see people just go about living their lives and not keep pausing every hour to redirect their brains.