Daily Dare #1

Today was day 1 of my daily dares to get me out of my comfort zone. I posted a selfie of myself after the gym as I am a dietitian and have been talking about protein this week on my social media accounts. I prefer to hide behind the scenes and not show my face so a gym selfie was a little scary for me! An exercise physiologist I follow reacted on FB with a sad face emoji. I think it bothered me because we’re both health professionals and I quite like a lot of his posts and he talks a fair bit about nutrition for training and undereating.

So, my TDL is:
I’ve written something wrong
He disagrees with it
I’m being judged
Maybe he did the sad emoji as an accident
Maybe he misunderstood the intent of the post

Anyway, I feel like my models are a little messy:

C EP reacted to my post with a sad face emoji
T I’m being judged
F Anxious
A Re-read post, rapid thinking about what could be wrong, doubt myself
R Self-doubt

C EP reacted to my post with a sad face emoji
T He disagrees with what I wrote or maybe it was an accident hitting the sad face
F Curious
A Write a FB message to him asking why he did that reaction out of curiousity (this is where it starts to get messy as I thought about sending it, I could feel my heart rate quicken (new model below), then I thought about the result of this action and after a couple of minutes decided that I didn’t actually care why he reacted to it like that and I don’t care to get into a discussion about it online tonight so I didn’t send it)
R I don’t care why he did that reaction

C I wrote a FB message to the EP
T I wonder why he responded like that
F Anxious
A Think about the result of sending my message
R ?

C I wrote a FB message to the EP
T I actually don’t really care why he reacted like that
F Meh / Apathy
A Move on with my evening and do the laundry
R I move on

So much grief over a f$%^ emoji