My Daily Dare as a “Rule Follower”

Today my dare was to go to a government building without an appointment and ask for some help with an immigration/border crossing issue I am having.

I am traditionally a rule follower and never rock the boat or ask for special treatment so this was a big deal for me. My thoughts about it were that it was a waste of time on a rare and precious day off and that there is no way on earth they will allow me in the door let alone actually give me the stamp I need. While I stood in line I almost left because the three people in front of me all showed up without appointments and were turned away.

But I dared, and turns out my “special circumstances” were valid and I was in and out with exactly what I needed in 45 minutes.

The stories people are sharing really bolstered me for todays dare and and in hindsight it is so funny that all I really did in the end was ask for something totally reasonable that is going to save me so much stress and time when I travel.

Thank you for daring us this month!