Daily homework

I only started scholars during the month of time management. I was all in, doing the homework and all the extra things. My goal was to become a life coach. In the short amount of time, I have changed my outlook on life and changed careers. I am self employed now and became a real estate investor. I will soon be living the dream life I always wanted but didnt know how to get.

I don’t want to give up scholars, because I still want to learn more on becoming a better person for myself, but I feel as if I’m not doing the homework as much because I dont always feel like I need to work on certain things. I will watch the scheduled calls and still listen to the podcasts almost daily. But I feel bad for not always doing the homework. Like I’m not going all in as before. I know it’s not a waste of money to continue, but I’m in such an amazing point in my life that I dont struggle with some of the monthly topics anymore. Suggestions?