daily intentional model – distracted from purpose by health worries

Hello, I was doing my daily thought download and this thought came up. “I am getting distracted by health concerns occasionally”. I chose this thought for my daily models.

unintentional model
C. Purpose
T. I am getting distracted by health concerns occasionally.
F. Observant.*
A. Notice my thoughts. Do nothing else.
R. Continue to occasionally get distracted by health thoughts.

*aha moment where I realise that the feeling of observant doesn’t lead to real action. Even though it’s helpful to be observant first sometimes.

Intentional model
C. Purpose
T. Everybody sometimes worries about their health. Nothing has gone wrong here.
F. Calm.
A. Move on.
R. Believe that nothing has gone wrong here.

This model seems to work here for me. But I do have two sentences in my thought line. Does this need cleaning up? Thanks!