Daily Intentional Positive Thoughts

My daily thought downloads are very negative and repetitive. I am working on intentional thought models. Do you have suggestions for daily exercises that skip the negative thought downloads? I just find they are very repetitive and find it difficult to get out of my funk. I have worked on my thinking around this, and have gotten to the point of accepting that this is what my brain does, and that is just fine. But I don’t feel like I am making progress. My 50/50 seems to be more like 80neg/20pos. Do you have any suggestions for daily exercises? Like skipping the unintentional downloads?

Here is where I am at

C: I wake up and have thoughts
T: My thoughts are all negative
F: Upset
A: Do thought downloads, analyze thoughts
R: My thoughts are all negative

I try this:
C: I wake up and have thoughts
T: Having negative thoughts is ok, but we am going to be intentional now, shut up brain
F: Confident
A: Write down some intentional thoughts
R: Don’t believe the intentional thoughts

I am working on ladder/bridge thoughts.