Daily March Workbook Homework: Stuck On Today’s Thought

Hi Brooke,

So I created an alternative thought (under #4), but I’m not sure if that works — it doesn’t feel like it’s enough or right. Hmm… what do you think or what would you add/change? Please see below:

1. Write down the new sentence you want to believe.
I am abundant at making and keeping large sums of money.

2. How does this thought feel when you think it today?

3. Why? What is your brain coming up with? What are the conflicting sentences?
Yea right, have you seen your bank account you spend it faster than you keep it.

4. Answer each of these sentences with an alternative thought and a massive action to counter it. List here.
My bank account has nothing to do with it. My thoughts do and I’m working to improve these daily.

5. Write a note to yourself from your future self who is already living this new belief — what would you say to you today?
Girl! You are closer than you think. It isn’t hard once you breakthrough these beliefs and create new ones! You’ll be making, saving, giving, living, and investing in big ways in record-breaking time very soon. Stay with it, do the work, don’t give up! I love you! XOXO