Daily practice – “best” approach

I’m doing the weight loss program and find myself in a lot of resistance on a consistent basis. I see it, I try and breathe into it, but I think I’m not making time for it. I’m staying a bit too busy instead of making space for the feelings.

Is there a daily practice or routine that we are suggested to stick to? Things we should be doing daily to help us deal with these emotions? Walks, daily journaling etc are good but right now, I feel that I like need additional support in helping me process my emotions while I’m learning the ropes.

Also, I feel so mired down. I don’t like how I am beating myself up about how I’m not learning it. I say I am learning it, I feel it’s the right direction but at the same time I’m walking around all day, resisting, trying to feel (which is a form of resistance) staying busy and trying to show up. Then at the end of the day, I feel defeated, I feel it’s too hard, and like I’m not cut out to learn this stuff.

I want to feel peace, compassion and tenderness towards myself as I learn this new goal. I’m committed to it. That’s why I keep going. However, I don’t know what those positive feelings feel like. How can I cultivate something if I don’t know how it feels?