Daily Practice

I am new to scholars and started on overeating even though it wasn’t the reason I joined. I’m so glad I did. The structure of the protocol (deciding to stick to one for two weeks, no flour, no sugar, no grab assing, planning my food 24 hours ahead, along with the commitment – my thought is “I have bigger and better things to spend desire on than food”) has changed my life in less than a month. I’ve lost most of my desire for food (which I never even considered wanting to lose) and 9 of the 21 pounds. What’s worked really well for me is the suggested protocol with the freedom to be my own expert.

Is there a suggested way to build a practice for self coaching? I’ve listened a lot and conceptually “get” the model and have used it well when I feel a problem come up (reactively). I’d like to use this information to proactively direct my life (the reason I joined). I’m doing the October homework daily but haven’t done anything about working on or setting goals.

Do you have suggestions for where to start and how to incorporate that into a self coaching practice?