Daily thought download

Hi Brooke,

I notice that my thought download each day is feeling a bit forced in one direction or another. When I write things out I often feel like I am censoring myself (I am a writer and yoga teacher and have had this experience when writing “morning pages” too) and trying to position the thoughts from a more neutral or positive place.

Then I notice this and try to get myself to be “real” and even petty but then it feels like I am writing inauthenticly negative thoughts to try and avoid being nice.

I know this is all happening in the privacy of my own mind but I think that over the years I have trained myself not to generally believe and give merit to everything in my head so I am having trouble just getting thoughts and feeling on paper without filtering them or trying to change my position. Maybe it’s not an issue either way but I wonder if you have any advice for dropping the conditioned filter when doing this excercise.

Thanks so much for this wonderful program and all you give!