Daily Weigh In

Resistent to this. Generally go by how clothes fit. Have been 135 every year at my annual physical and don’t have a scale at home. Will obtain if recommended but curious why. Never thought I had weight problem as I am 5 ft 4.5 inches. Listening in to coach calls. Now believe I want to try to lose 10 lbs. Thoughts? I want to be a coach eventually. Sounds like the last 10 lbs are hard for people to lose. I think I should try it if I am going to be giving advice about it some day and hope to use that as motivation. I have not weighed that for 35 years and when I did it was hard to get to and hard to maintain!! Don’t want to start up any old dysfunctional food obsessions so scared, but know SCS would help me thru and help me learn from it, right? Should I go for it??