Dancing around weight loss

Hi Brooke!

I am a health coach with a weight loss program using hypnosis and coaching. I have clients who dance around their weight loss goals by saying that they ‘don’t really care about weight loss… they just want to be healthy.”

These are people are obviously obese and know that they will be healthier if they did lose weight.

I asked one of them yesterday point blank if she really in fact wants to lose weight and why does she not focus on that instead of focusing on “eating healthier” or “changing my habits” or “trying something new.”

She said she does not want to fail.

I tried to be gentle, but is that too passive? Isn’t it best if the client spells it out and admits that they DO want to lose weight, and they WILL focus on weight loss?

What’s the best way to work with this type of client?

Thank you for all your wisdom!