Dare 18 – Fast for 24 hours

My thoughts on this one were: I will be starving. I will overeat afterwards. This is not natural.

Fear-based model
C 24h fast
T I will overeat afterwards
F fearful
A see fast as restriction, fight hunger, rebel against it
R overeat afterwards

Self-confident model
C 24h fast
T I can fast and not overeat afterwards easily
F self-confident
A think of people who have done it successfully, trust that my body can handle it, do not obsess on what will happen afterwards
R do not overeat afterwards

I fasted for 24 hours. I didn’t even feel hungry except for a little rumble in hour 22. I didn’t on my first meal after the fast. But I did overeat on the second. I guess I’m still acting from my fear-based model. Maybe “I can do it easily” is too big of a leap. I will try again next week. Do you have any recommendations on changing things/thoughts up?