Dare 22 – Call my mum "mum"

The dare: Call my mum “mum” when I call on her birthday. I didn’t call her “mum” for many years.

C Call my mum “mum”
T It will be awkward (and I don’t want to feel that way)
F Hesitant
A Do not call her “mum”, try to avoid calling her anything
R I feel awkward anyway because I avoid calling her anything

C Call my mum “mum”
T I’m willing to feel my emotions no matter what
F Self-Confident
A Call her “mum”, feel my emotions
R I increase my ability to feel my emotions no matter what
… Does my R reflect my T ok?

Learnings: I did feel awkward calling her “mum”, but I was able to feel that and continue our conversation.

I was wondering whether “practicing my ability to call her mum” could go somewhere as well. Maybe in the R line of a model? Does that make sense?