Dare 25 – Send new offer to former client

I have a former client who wasn’t too happy about the outcome of our coaching process. Nonetheless he helped me improve my coaching product with his feedback and asked me to contact him again once it’s updated. It is now – and I find myself hesitating to send it to him.

My thoughts are: He wasn’t happy last time. He won’t ever work with me again. He won’t even look at my offer. He’ll think it’s silly. He won’t see any improvement.

My dare is to contact him and share my new offer anyway.

Fear-based model 1
C Send new offer to former client
T He won’t consider working with me again.
F Rejected
A Do not send offer
R Didn’t show him the opportunity to work with me again.
/ Rejected myself in advance?

Fear-based model 2
C Send new offer to former client
T He’ll think the offer is silly.
F Worthless
A Do not send offer
R I think it’s silly and not worth sending.

Self-confidence model
C Send new offer to former client
T I’m offering something of great value
F Self-confident
A Send offer, do not hesitate, feel great about it, find even more people to send my offer to
R Offered what I have to give, gained confidence in sharing my offer with people

I’ve increased the value of my offer tremendously. That one I believe.
He might see that, he might not. I will only find out when I share my offer with him.
In the end it’s not about what he thinks about my offer, it’s about me sharing value with the world.
Reminding me of these things made it easier to send the email.