Dare 3 – publishing video without editing

Day 3. I’m starting to love this.
My dare: Publishing a video without editing it first.
Shooting just one take.

C Plan to publish one take video
T This won’t be good enough.
F afraid of feeling unsatisfied
A do several takes, edit video afterwards, cut out parts (this is what I usually do)
R dismissed one take video => I’m not good enough at doing this

C Plan to publish one take video
T I’m totally capable of publishing a one take video.
F self-confident
A just do it, be ok with b- work
R published one take video => I can do it because I did

It required less time to publish my video than usual.
I was totally okay with my performance in the first take.
I didn’t beat myself up for taking so long to do it.

No questions here. Just wanted to share.