Dare 4 – asking for free stuff at the bakery

Twice a week, I go to this bakery to get a cup of coffee in the morning. Their pastries are overly expensive and their employees behave in a very posh manner – these are my thoughts about the place. I decided to ask them if they would give me something for free today.

C Ask for free stuff at the bakery
T They will raise their eyebrow / laugh at me / … => They will reject me
F Fear of being rejected
A Elaborate on why I’m asking, or not dare to ask in the first place
R I rejected myself (by not doing the dare I planned to do)

C Ask for free stuff at the bakery
T I do what I plan to do
F Self-confident
A Do the dare, ask them concisely
R I’ve done what I planned to do

What I learned:
They didn’t give me anything for free. But I was so proud and joyful about my dare that I decided to keep on trying at two more bakeries in the neighborhood. I noticed that my thoughts about the places and their employees changed the whole experience. At the second place, I didn’t feel as comfortable. I explained myself a lot, then left in a hurry. I was more self-confident at the third place. I asked, the owner apologized that she couldn’t give me anything for free, I thanked her and left.