Dare of the Day – Asking for client referrals

Hi Brooke!

I am OFFICIALLY done hiding AND being in debt and entertaining the thoughts that I have no way out. I am done pretending that I have to be perfect before I start going out there and helping coach people. I am done thinking that I have to spending months and months blogging and showing up on social media before I can ask people to pay me. Done, done and done. So as my dare for today, I crafted a little offer that I have sent to some friends in the hopes that they will know people who want to hire me or hire me themselves.

Can I post it here to get some feedback? So far friends have said that they will share it but I want to make the offer so juicy, so enticity, so NO BRAINER that I can’t help but get booked out with people who want to work with me. Here’s my offer:

Hi (insert-wonderful-friend’s-name-here)!

I’m taking a big leap and started to pivot with my coaching business and I’m wondering if you can help!

As you know, I’m a Certified Nutritionist but I’ve been shying away from promoting that because I haven’t wanted to attract the wrong clients, HOWEVER, but I’m realizing more and more that life coaching and nutrition/health coaching very much go hand in hand and many of the women who approach me admit that they struggle with food and emotional eating. Many of them are doing “everything right” and the know all the information about what they need to do to have a body and life they love – they exercise, they eat healthy but because they are high achievers who are really stressed out, their best intentions are not garnering them the results they want: to feel comfortable and confident in the skin they’re in.

Because I know you and you are on of my people, I know you probably know some smart, successful, high achieving women and perhaps one of them is struggling with their weight or emotional eating? If they are, I was hoping you could tell them about a coaching program I’m offering.

The whole premise to it is that the secret to success in looking and feeling great in your body and your life is about more than food and fitness. If you want real lifelong success, you must take an integrated and personalized approach.

I’m offering the following BETA-program to women interested in ditching the chaos, obsession, stress, perfectionism and pain of the traditional dieting or “clean eating” model. I want to help women who are ready to overcome their EMOTIONAL eating challenges and get free from self-sabotage.

The program is 8 weeks in duration, with 1-on-1 coaching calls with me every other week and I’m looking to work with only 5 dedicated women.

Here are some of the things we’re going to cover:
– why what you’re currently doing isn’t working for you (aka. the “diet trap”)
– what real success looks like
– understanding the different types of cravings
– how to eat consciously and deliberately
the food-mood connection
– mastering your self-talk and inner saboteur
– movement as nourishment and engaging in exercise you LOVE (not just tolerate)

We will then create a tailored and customized game plan that will help you:
– deal with things that may derail you “in the moment’
– understand how to fulfill your core human cravings and increase your physical, mental and emotional resources so you can be filled up from the outside in
– manage your mind and stop buffering, distracting and numbing out with food

I really want this program to be all about awareness, action and implementation. I want to work with people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work necessary to get the body and life of their dreams.

The price is $897 CAD and I want to work with 5 incredible women who are ready to make real, sustainable change and create the lives the crave.

Do you know anyone who would be interested in a program like this? If so, I’d love to speak to them! Feel free to pass along my email


What do you think Brooke? I’ve sent this out to 6 people already, it wasn’t as scary as I thought and it got me to actually DO something as opposed to simply think about it obsessively. Can I just say how much I love you? <3