Dare of the Day- Asking for free things

Hey Brooke! I am writing to say that I am continuing to ask people for stuff for free. I wrote earlier about not wanting them to have to say no to me. So this morning I got an email from my bank because I accidentally set my bank to pay my mortgage amount twice. Obviously, I didn’t have enough for the second payment, so it got denied and I got the 29 dollar return fee. I have done a lot of work around money in the last couple of years and now, bouncing a check no longer freaks me out. I used to go into a mind spin about “I didn’t have enough money and now I have less money” bla, bla, bla. Now I realize it’s just dollars. I am just paying 29 extra dollars on my mortgage payment. I’ll live.
Today I decided to call the bank and talk to them about it. I was laughing with the customer service representative, from a genuine place, about paying it twice and being super responsible. I then said, “So how about waiving that fee?” She said, “Hold on, I will find out, it might be a 3-5 minute wait on hold.” She took almost five, so I had plenty of time to consider what it would be like if she said “no.” It felt totally fine. No big deal at all. The beauty of it was that I could stew in my discomfort for several minutes waiting for her to get back and figure out that I can handle those emotions. Then she got back on the phone and said, “sure, I already took care of it.” I just wonder how much I have missed out on in life, not asking for things. I can totally handle a no, and sometimes they say yes. I can’t believe this has been such a hard won idea for me!