My dare of the day…..feel hunger

Hello Brooke,
I have been in your scholars program since January. Almost a VIP..woo hoo!!
I have been doing the work each month….each month, there is some element that I incorporate into my daily work and life. My life has improved and expanded in many ways. The biggie that has not seen results is weight loss….have 90 or so to lose….so this month, the dare of the day is really helping me make progress on this….my dare is to feel hunger and it has changed my thoughts…..I now celebrate a feeling of hunger, that it is a tool towards success…totally changing my perspective and actions….I am working on the planning, the fasting and all that…..I am gaining confidence thru discipline and increasing competence….I see and feel hope that I am making life changes that will result iin the body I want to see and feel…so thank you!!

I know you support massive action and ALL IN…my processs has been to do this one step at a time and celebrate, build confidence and competence….it feels like i am making changes for the long haul and not just a quick fix….if I am taking the weenie route, feel free to slap me electronically….

Again, thank you, your program is changing me and my consulting practice and work with family is many ways…..very cool!!