A dare that ended up paying off $

I am loving reading what everyone is doing and wanted to share a dare from last week.

One of my little dares was to be honest about feedback I was giving to a business. I was asked to complete a survey after a night at a spa with my mom. Normally I wouldn’t “harp” on the disappointing experiences and give more positive feedback but there were a few issues that made our experience less than perfect (and the experience was $$$$).

Not only did I give my honest feedback but when a customer service person called me I was very straightforward with her about the little details I found disappointing (while still being my positive self).

At the end of the conversation she offered to refund me $200. If it weren’t for this dare I would have just sugar coated my experience or not filled out the feedback form in the first place in order to “be nice and give them the benefit of the doubt.”
Thanks for this!