Dare – to not eat ANYTHING at event tomorrow night

Hi Brooke,
I posted this as a Q&A on the overeating call today, but it was near the end and didn’t get answered. I didn’t keep a copy of it, so this may be a little different…
I wrote in last week about how when I eat off of protocol the circumstance is almost always a special event. One suggestion you had was to not eat anything at an event and see how my mind freaks out. Tomorrow I have my next event – a party from 6-11p. It won’t be a sit down dinner, but it will have heavy hordsdvours, deserts and cocktails. I’d like to dare myself to not eat anything. This will involve me eating a healthy dinner beforehand. Sounds difficult with my present thinking so I will create some intentional models before then. 2 questions: 1) Can you suggest some good thoughts to use while I’m there, as I’m feeling urges and letting them pass? 2) What should I do when my mind “freaks out”? Any advice is welcome.
Thank you!