Dare of the day

I started going to dance classes. Today was the 3rd time. I barely know how to dance. After a class there is a dancing time where some amazing dancers dance and my jaw drops looking at their their skills. Many are really really good. I always sit on a bench and guys ask me to dance probably just because I am attractive but I always feel uncomfortable because I don’t knwk the moves and want to run away from the dance floor:)
My dare for today was to ask MYSELF a guy to dance. Me, a girl who doesn’t even know the basic moves. I asked a guy, luckily it was a guy I met 3 lessons ago and kind of known him but still.
I couldn’t even finish “would you like to dance” as be put his hands in mine right away and we were dancing swing , blues and tango, rocking the dance floor with the 20s dance.
Go me! 🙂