Dare of the day

First of all, I just read Suzy’s post. CONGRATULATIONS, SUZY! You rock – obviously! 🙂

I am loving this month, and loving reading about other people’s dares.

I’ve been working on my fears of being empty, bored, unneeded, unexceptional. Here are some of my dares so far.

Park in 20 minute parking longer than 20 minutes
Ask parents to help with kids both days of the weekend – expected no but got a yes
Wear shorts outside
No new commitments – love this one, have done it several days
Decline invites for two work events that I “should” attend
Coach a superior at work
Coach with “bad” hair and still make it a great session
Do SCS work “for me” right after work instead of going straight into parenting
Have a conversation without trying to make the other person happy or impressed
Sit and do nothing for 10 minutes
Keep doing the same thing I’m already doing
Don’t get down on myself as a way of avoiding boredom