Dare of the Day: Day 1

Hi Coaches, when I first read about the dare of the day for the month of June I temporarily felt like, no way can I do that. I thought having to complete a dare a day for 30 days would be impossible without totally stressing myself out, but then I thought about all of the little things I can dare myself to do that would have an overall positive effect on my life, and I felt better and more motivated to try. This may sound silly and insignificant, but I really hate mowing my backyard and do so with a terrible attitude, so I dared myself on Day 1 to mow my lawn (which was long and soggy from all of the rain and required extra effort) without one single grumble or complaint and find the good in the task. At first my brain said, that’s not an actual dare, it doesn’t count, but I ignored my brain. It was so much easier to get things done, normally I struggle with it, but when I was done I felt purposeful and good about myself. Now I want to tackle every dreaded task (there’s so many:)) with a good attitude, knowing how much better I feel on the other side.
I know it’s a little dare, but daring myself to do something my brain really doesn’t want to do and accomplishing it felt pretty darn good plus it’s motivating me to plan more challenging dares, one day at a time. Instead of dreading the daring month of June, I’m looking forward to what my brain and I can come up with next and I cannot tell you how amazing that is for me
Thank you for all you do! XO