dare of the day is a b*tch, but I’m doing it regardless

Hello fabulous SCS coaches – every morning I wake up and think UGH – not ANOTHER dare of the day. But guess what? I do it anyways because y’all told me to just commit to doing it no matter what. And then I do my dare, and it’s not so bad after all. Today I offered $20 to a stranger and she told me NO. She seemed terrified. I felt mortified, but I know that mortification is caused by my thoughts and the feeling is just an uncomfortable vibration in my body. Looking back, it’s kind of amusing that I scared this person so much! It’s almost like she was saying: AHH get that money away from me! as if it was a poisonous spider or a massive snake. Tomorrow, I’m going to buy some flowers at the grocery store, and then sit outside and offer the flowers to 5 strangers as they are leaving. Maybe I’ll get a “yes, thanks, I’ll take the FREE flowers.” Or maybe not – either way, I’ll be OK (bonus of the no is I get to keep the free flowers). Thanks for making us do these ridiculous things. It’s working.