Dare of the Day – woah

This might not seem like much, but since I left my 16-year corporate career to start my own company, I’ve “hidden” from my old boss who was really my good friend and colleague. I was employee #5 at his firm, and we basically grew his company together over 16 years until it was acquired. But instead of helping him with the transition, I left. My dare was that I would contact him and ask him out for coffee to catch up. My models:

C – Former boss
T – I left him in the lurch, he’s probably angry, and he doesn’t want to hear from me.
F – Unworthy of his esteem and friendship
A – Sheepishly contact him
R – I come across poorly, and he has no reason to respond

C – Former boss
T – I have no idea how he feels, but I know how I feel, and I would like to maintain a friendship!
F – Self-confident
A – Contact him in a way that resonates and harkens back to our days working together
R – I come across as familiar and open

So I did it (I have to do these dares IMMEDIATELY after writing them down in the workbook, or I lose my nerve). I emailed him to grab coffee.

He responded within 10 minutes (he’s a super crazy busy dude), saying, “Great to hear from you, I would love to! Let me check the calendar and get back to you.”

What!!! Now I feel so silly for not contacting him for MONTHS. I was so afraid of his anger and disdain. Instead, THIS is what love would do, and THIS is what love gives back.