Dare of the Month (year?)

So I am letting go of the private music teaching job I’ve had for the past 18 years — my work with that will be done on August 31. I have a big plan for what I am going to do next — I have always made a living from being a musician and that is where money is easiest for me. I am excited about my future and I feel I’ve gotten over the (initial) river of misery with that.

So, here’s my dare (of the next 2 weeks): My friend (who is not in scholars) and I have challenged ourselves to come up with $500 in 2 weeks by creating something that is of value that is completely related to our jobs. The other rules are we can’t sell anything or commit a crime to get the money (haha). The funny thing is that my brain kept trying to invent all sorts of music jobs that I could do (some of them seem viable, but they won’t count as the dare when I do them b/c its related to work I am already doing.) This dare has brought up SO many wormy thoughts….. but I used Brooke’s advice to keep asking your brain the right questions… and to my surprise my brain just came up with the HOW (while literally watching Netflix — (but not as a buffer)) I’m so scared and excited to do the dare. I feel very vulnerable and vomity so I must be on the right path, right? Anyway, I will report back after I do it and get my $500 (or more!). I spent the first week trying to figure out what the heck I could do that wasn’t music related. Now I’ve figured it out and I’m ready to put it out there!

I love the work this month. I have already noticed a dramatic shift in my self-confidence. And some of my dares don’t seem very daring anymore. That being said, I also find it difficult to do a dare EVERY day. I am ok with every other day and I’m telling myself that that is ok.