Dare Question.

Hi Brooke –

I am very into the daily dares. However, the model is new for me and I am confused.

I was creating the models with the dare in the C line, but by reading Self Coaching 101, I learned that circumstances just happen and I don’t have any control over it, and that my feelings are generated ONLY by my thoughts. So, I know I have control over the dare, then it is not in the C line, and also the dare is not the cause of my feelings, my thoughts are the cause of my feelings.

For instance, yesterday’s dare was going to the library in PJ’s. I just came from work and put my PJ’s on, and then I realized that I needed to return a book. So, instead of changing my clothes again, I decided to go in PJ’s. I was concerned about what people could think or say about me. So, I created the model with the dare in the C line, but it did not make sense to me. Another of my dares was to be willing of bargain in a garage sale. I was scare to ask, and then get a negative answer.

So, in these cases how can I create the model? What is the circumstance? And in which line do I need to write the dare? Could you please give a hand?

Thank you for your time.

PS: I love to run, and lately while running I am listening one by one all of your podcasts. Love them!