Dare Share + Anxiety Question

So far, I’ve not done a dare a day but definitely many more than I thought I could 🙂 It’s such a great exercise/way of life even!
Here’s my dare share (just the bigger ones):
I asked for a free drink after my order was messed up at a restaurant (got a $20 coupon instead, that works!)
I asked for special meals for an entire week of sales meetings coming up next week (still waiting to hear back if this will be doable but I have a ton of food intolerances and never asked for special meals in 3 years of attending these, this is clearly something I needed to do, I suffered with a lot of health issues due to the food at these meetings in the past)
I dared myself to change my usual food routine and go off sugar and flour for 2 weeks and see if I could break my weight loss plateau. 5 days in, 3 lbs down, 7 to go! 🙂
I told my family my boyfriend is moving in with me (even though they have not yet met him!)
I also met with a lawyer to draft a cohabitation agreement for said boyfriends’ move in (also had “the talk” with him of course)

These are the big ones. Thank you so much for this assignment, it’s given more courage and confidence than I’ve had a recent years for sure.

My question is this: with all of this change and taking out sugar and flour and not buffering with crackers and cheese, I’m finding myself in a pretty constant anxious state. I do not like feeling anxious, it’s not something I’ve dealt with much in my life, only the last year, on and off. It seems to be taking over for hours at a time and I’m running out of time to do models, I have a job and a life to tend to! How can I get this under control without having to spend so much time managing my thoughts?