Dare suggestion if others need one

My dare yesterday was to create a profile on a networking app that the universe directed my attention to. It is called Shapr. It works like tinder and you can swipe left or write if you are interested in connecting with someone.

That was a dare for me as I have trained for my business but not really done anything with it while I focus or try to focus on my health and feeling like myself again. I recall you telling others they can still coach or take action on their business (action that generates revenue) while they are working on whatever issue they think may be standing in their way. Just get started anyway.

So I bit the bullet and created my profile based off what I want to do and the loose idea for a niche that I have (rather than the current day job). Wow…that was empowering. Worst case scenario I meet no one. Best case I meet interesting people that I make a real connection with that may become friends or clients or inspiration for me.

This is a fun month! Thanks.