I dared myself to define my own schedule

Loving the dares. So far, most of mine have been about setting boundaries around my time with clients. I go to their homes, which creates a very delicate balance when I schedule them. I have to figure out timing AND geography so I don’t travel all over creation. I also have different businesses: I tutor kids, and I work as a therapist with adults who have serious mental illness. So dare #1 was to call all my adult clients and reschedule them all in a way that is more lined up for my travel. Dare #2 was to attempt the same with the kid clients. So far so good! Doing the thought model on this has shown me how afraid I am that people will just say, “nevermind, don’t bother coming at all.” I really thought I was over that kind of thinking but I guess I don’t always act that way, and end up not treating my own self with respect.