Thank you so much for this invitation!
Dare # 1 – Mailed my client a letter letting her know I would no longer be discounting my fees as a coach.
Dare # 2 – Let another client know that I was not available until our scheduled session tomorrow & to send me daily intentions only as opposed to lengthy text messages about all her upsets.
Dare # 3 – Asked my mother-in-law for a 1K donation to my non-profit, Prison Yoga Santa Barbara. I started email w/ asking if she would consider donating w/out a specific amount, then I put $500.- & then I changed it to $1k.
Dare # 4 – Emailed my father, asking for additional information about my half-brother, Rick. Rick reached out to my father ten years ago to connect with him & my father opted out. I asked my father at the time if I could get in touch with him. He said no. This time I am not asking permission to get in touch with him.
Dare #5 Tomorrow I will be teaching yoga & meditation to the mail inmates at the jail. I have only taught to women prisoners the past five years.
Although I can’t report external results yet, the internal ones feel amazing! I just have a big smile on my face and in my heart. Initially, I could not think of any dares, but now – watch out!

Much Love, Ginny