Daring myself to avoid avoidance (TM)

Brooke & Team,
I just loved your answer to “Dares…drawing a blank” where you said to consider:

– If I wasn’t trying to avoid feeling uncomfortable, what would I do?

– If I decided not to allow myself to feel stuck and over-think, what would I do?

My dares so far have been less about doing random things like requesting a free meal or such, and more just daring myself to do the things I usually want to avoid.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m still not consistent with having my own back, despite my time in scholars, and I will avoid things that make me uncomfortable, usually with a cleverly crafted “reason” (i.e. excuse!)

My dares so far this month have included:
– taking a spur of the moment trip to my parents to surprised my dad for his birthday even though I hate the long drive and the emotional junk that comes up when I go home (we had a ball!)
– Forcing myself to participate in more scenes in improv class instead of hiding on the sidelines and thinking I’m not good enough.
– Going to a networking meeting I had scheduled but that I wanted to bail on because I thought it might be a waste of time
– Managing my emotions around a networking meeting that got screwed up (not blaming myself just getting it rescheduled) and making sure that I still did everything else I said I’d do that day

So they aren’t super sexy, but they are making me work and helping me show up better and more consistently for myself thus breeding that self-confidence.

Virtually cheering on my fellow June Daring SCSers!!!!