Daring myself to create a 24 hour food plan

I’ve been doing the dare of the day for the past week. The first part of the week I did things that were really hard for me, like sitting with a bowl of chocolate and not eating it and telling my father and other people that I’m a lesbian. These things were so hard for me, but I did it because I said I would and the results were so much better than I could even have imagined. So thank you for that!

However, when it comes to following my food plan, I get stuck. Two days this week my dare was to follow my 24 hour food plan. Both days I not only didn’t follow it, I went so far off track I am almost embarrassed to write down what I ate. I feel like once I figure out how to build confidence around creating a food plan and sticking to it, the rest of losing weight will be easy. But I’m really stuck on why I can’t follow my food plan for any length of time. More importantly, why when I set one, I go so far in the opposite direction. I would love some insights. I have been working with a coach on it, but I am still doing the same thing.