dark chocolate

Would y’all recommend including dark chocolate on the protocol or using it sole-ly as an exception eat? I recently started eating on protocol (after about 4 months of no sugar no flour) and have been including 2 pieces of 90% cacao dark chocolate as an option for dessert after dinner. It’s usually that or sone berries with full fat whipped cream but it’s good to switch it up some times. My general thought is that it’s okay because unlike with a lot of other chocolate (there’s this 70% cacao dark chocolate with burnt caramel bits that always has me wanting more), this feels more satisfying than comfort, but thought it would be good to ask for an outside opinion. I’m a little loathe to use dark chocolate or berries/cream as an exception eat since I have a history of losing control with food and eating TONS of other snack-types or dessert so would be good to train with those first. I know this isn’t necessarily the BEST for me, but these desserts seem like a good sustainable middle ground.