Dating #3 – lp

Wow. This recent dating experience has shown me just how powerful my own thoughts are. I finally can see the power each of us has to create our own lives with our thoughts. Like everything makes perfect sense. It’s what being a deliberate creator is. I want to stop all the thinking until I can clean it up! Haha! But I know that is the work we are doing here. And I am so so so thankful. In the past, I would have spent years confused with a person not fully in. So thankful for the work we are doing here.

C: dating
T: I can’t have a committed relationship
F: resigned
A: date whoever shows up
R: no committed relationship

C: guy says he doesn’t know what he wants
T: maybe he’ll change his mind but I want someone who Knows he wants a committed relationship
F: confused
A: continue to see him, wait
R: lost self-respect, no committed relationship

C: guy says
T: there’s someone out there who would love to love me exactly as I am
F: certain
A: stop dating guy
R: free myself up to create the relationship I want.

So looking forward to masterclass