Dating and communication

None of my girlfriends understand the model so I’m taking this to the experts!
I’m working on communicating in relationships.
I really want to be one of those girls that aren’t afraid to have the hard conversations and doesn’t feel threatened by them.
If I don’t have feelings for someone, I’m extremely confident and communicating is easy.
If I have feelings for someone, it’s hard for me to be open and communicating feels almost confrontational.
In short, I would like to know if the person I’m dating is seeing other people.
I’m trying to keep it neutral here so I’m not sure if I even have the right to know this? Or if it’s something I should even care about? But I’m trying to communicate more because I have a habit of being “surprised” later in relationships simply because I avoided communicating.

C: dating for 6 months
T: I’m afraid to find out he’s dating other people
F: scared
A: keep emotions bottled up, try to act nonchalant about “us”, avoid certain topics
R: zero communication

C: “”
T: I’m equipped with the mental tools to handle his answer to my question: “are you dating other people?”
F: empowered/confident
A: ask him
R: healthy communication and my world doesn’t stop spinning

It took me a very long time to come up with that thought but I think I like it! It’s not a confrontation. It’s just a question. I can handle any answer.