Dating and disappointment

I just started dating again after a bad breakup about a year ago. I’ve been talking to someone who seemed really great and we’ve been taking a lot. I’ve been self quarantining after a trip so we were waiting until after the 14 days to hangout. He had recently broke up with someone which was a red flag for me and I told him that. He told me it wasn’t a big deal and he was ready and wanting a relationship. He said he had been looking for someone exactly like me and he was very excited to meet me.

I am finishing quarantine this weekend and when I went to make plans with him he said he felt like he wasn’t ready to actually date and he was having anxiety about meeting me. I feel very disappointed and sad. I’ve been pretty lonely throughout quarantine and was really looking forward to connecting with someone and having someone to spend some time with.

I guess I’m not sure what to do now or how to process this. I’m surprised that I feel so disappointed but I was really excited to meet him. How would I put this into a model and how would that help me. I love listening to the calls but feel like I struggle how to know how to put it into situations in my own life.