Dating and finding faults

I’m dating a lot of people right now but I keep on noticing a similar pattern popping up. I go into relationships and my desire and motivation to connect with this person is high. I’m charismatic, interested, interesting and funny and that person reacts positively. Then in our next few interactions, I feel that my interest wanes. I don’t really want to text or connect. I have thoughts like, they’re boring, I wish I could meet someone who was interesting and dazzling. I feel like I carry the conversations and make them fun and interesting and I always wish I could meet someone who brought my same enthusiasm. I feel this in dating and platonic relationships too. Do I just need to meet more people and then I’ll find interesting people or is this a block I’m creating? I genuinely feel like the people I’ve met so far aren’t interesting, don’t know how to make a conversation fun for the other person, or don’t have as good conversational skills as me.