Dating Anxiety

I am currently single and have been on a couple of first dates with 2 men in particular. I am starting to have anxiety and “fearing” that I’m going to like one more than the other based on my old negative thinking coming up (example: going for the guy I am more physically attracted to).

I have determined with some models that dating them both doesn’t matter, and what we do on those dates doesn’t matter because it’s all just the circumstance. But now I am confused as to how I actually make a decision (if it comes to that) between the two men. If they’re both neutral circumstances, and there is no right or wrong decision, and I am keeping positive thoughts about the dating experience- How do I actually choose in the end? My instinct is to say “go with my heart” but I honestly think my heart up to now has mostly just been my thoughts. Do I leave it up to that small percentage that is the biological chemistry/pull? Even that confuses me because I think a lot of that attraction has been based on my thoughts in the past. My brain is just swirling!