Dating. Here We Go.

I spent a lot of time doing thought work on my business this year so I’m trying to apply it to my dating life next year.

I’m having a hard time with my models though especially the circumstances and results. And staying away from giving the guy I’m dating a manual.

This model is an attempt at me deciding what to do when I’ve developed feelings for someone I’m dating. When it happens, I have no idea what to do. Sometimes I think I date people for “too long” only to find out they’re not interested in a relationship.

I feel so silly for posting this but the model can solve everything, right?

C: I’ve developed feelings for someone after 5 months of dating
T: If he felt the same way about me he would ask me to be in an exclusive relationship or we would see each other more often
F: Disappointed
A: Download dating apps again, wait for him to call/text me (and when he doesn’t I’m assuming he’s on dates lol)
R: No clarity on his feelings for me

C: same
T: I am okay with dating or not dating
F: Closure
A: Get clarity on where this is headed and if he has feelings for me (is this a manual? Is this me mirroring? Is this how people date? Is me needing clarity on his feelings the answer to my question lol) l
R: Move on with my life or continue dating