Dating less accomplished men

I’m having trouble with getting myself to date men who aren’t as accomplished as I’d like them to be. Ideally, I’d have a partner who was just as educated or more educated than me, made as much or more money than me, attractive, similar values, someone I could have intellectual stimulation with, and someone who has traveled a little bit internationally. I currently live in an area without these kinds of men, so I haven’t been massive action dating because I’m not attracted to the men around me. Most of them don’t have more than a high school education, don’t make even half of what I do, and aren’t curious about the world in the same way. Also, they are mostly thinking that dating is about sex and they don’t focus on finding someone with similar values. This is the dating scene here and I have done thought work to get me to the point of accepting it instead of resisting it. How do I develop attraction to men who are so far from my ideal? Doing thought work on this problem makes me feel like I’m trying to convince myself to settle.